Our Calm and Clean Master Bath Renovation

A cast-iron clawfoot tub with brushed nickel fixtures stands where the old built-in dresser in the alcove was.
Original entry to bathroom and alcove with built-in dresser. Original shower butted up to the right wall of the alcove. We kept that footprint the same.
View from the vanity area. Closet is through the louvered doors. We moved the door to the left so we could fit the tub in. We also added the recessed shelving above the tub (which I need to decorate better!)
I am in love with this all-glass shower. The door is double-hinged so you can open it inward or outward.
The original shower was outdated and inspired claustrophobia.
We removed the outdated square tile surround and added a shorter subway tile surround. We re-used the existing vanity, sinks and fixtures but painted the cabinets white. The mirrors are from Lowes. The wall sconces an online find--they have shades but my lighting adjustments blew out the definition.
Before. Ick!
The one big project my husband and I (okay, just I really) took on was the renovation of the master bathroom and closet.

As you'll see in the before photos, the previous bath was cramped and dark. The old white tile that was on the floor and continued up the wall was thick, cracked and a waste of inches. There was an alcove with a built in dresser between the closet and bath that was just wasted space. The closet was completely wasted with just two rails running lengthwise.

I decided to open it up, make it really bright and airy and give it a luxe, vintage New Orleans feel.

Here's what I did:
1. Demolished all old tile and shower.
2. Knocked down original bathroom wall so that the alcove with the built in could 3. become part of the bathroom and accommodate my dream clawfoot tub.
3. Moved closet door down the wall to accommodate tub.
4. Added wall and glass door in from of tub area to create a new, more spacious entry.
5. Removed old tile backsplash around sink and made new, shorter one with subway tile.
6. Added can lighting on the ceiling and chandeliers and wall sconces.
7. Re-configured closet to incorporate double clothes racks, drawers, overhead storage, etc.
8. Added cast-iron bathtub.
9. Added recessed shelving beside bathtub.
10. Painted the walls Sherwin Williams' Sea Salt.

How I saved money:
1. Re-used the existing vanity (which had a carerra style honed marble on top) and just had it painted and lifted an inch or so to be at a better height.
2. Re-used the existing toilet.
3. I sourced materials from Home Depot and Lowe's. The floor tile came from Lowe's. The Grecian Marble on the shower was on sale at Home Depot for $3.99 a foot.
4. The wall sconces beside the mirrors I found on sale online for about $49 each.
5. The mirrors were on sale for $59 at Lowes.
6. I ordered the complete vintage-style cast iron tub with the works online from Signature Hardware for $1500 (shipping included), which beat the hell out of the prices I got a local waterworks shop, which were going to charge $2600 + $3000 s&h.
7. Chandelier above the tub was on sale at Home Depot for $72. I KNOW!

Where I splurged:
1. The shower head and slide rail. I really wanted that part of the shower to make a statement so I spent $467 on the shower head, slide bar and handheld shower.
2. The closet system: It really wasn't that much of a splurge, monetarily, but it did take some time to finagle. I used Lowe's Rubbermaid closet system which is designed for endless flexibility. I spent about $600 customizing it, and one of the workers and I hung it on a Saturday morning. It's some of the best money I've ever spent because I've never had all of my husband's and my clothes fit into one space before. Excellent!

I've got a few more things to do like adding some patterned roman shades, but overall I am so pleased with how everything turned out. It's soooo much better than before.

So what do you all think. Success?


  1. This is really beautiful. The wall color is amazing. Great job!

  2. It looks amazing - I looove the floor tiles!

  3. Um, HELLO! You did an AWESOME job!! It is now MY dream bathroom as well:) So impressed! --Amanda Norman

  4. you did a beautiful job! it looks so serene...

  5. Beautiful results!

  6. OH.EM.GEE! This is SPECTACULAR! I am in the middle of a bathroom reno myself and this is totally inspiring. So sophisticated with the chandelier!

  7. What an amazing transformation! I really love that bath. So jealous.

  8. It's beautiful! It truly does look like a retreat! Love the color too!

  9. Will you please come to my house?

  10. Where did you get the floor tiles from? Really love them.

  11. Love it! You did a great job. Makes me want to redo my bath. Need to come see the whole house.

  12. A complete success! You have the gift of vision and implementation. I don't think I could have pulled that design out of the original layout. You wouldn't even know you were looking at the same space.

  13. Love it. Can you tell me what model your shower enclosure is and/or where you got it? I'm having trouble finding that combo. Thank you!

  14. Beautiful! I'd love to know the paint color.

  15. Hi Sabrina,

    The color is Sea Salt. I think it's a Sherwin Williams color, but not 100%. :)



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