A Peek at My Bedroom

My bedroom after: A much brighter, calm, happy space! photo by Rachel Wiles/Benign Objects.
My bedroom before: Holy beige, Batman! Look, there's the old useless nook that ended up becoming the perfect place for my dream clawfoot tub. This room is depressing.
The walls were painted Sherwin Williams' Sensible Hue. It's a great calming, neutral blue grey. I love it so much that it's in our nursery. The chest is a hand me down. The chairs are from Home Decorator's Collection, gotten 50% off during post Thanksgiving sales for about $200 each. Blue pillows are ikea. Florals are from etsy. Lamps from Ikea (about $15). The ocean painting is from Home Goods (about $40) and the mirrors are also from Home Goods and spraypainted glossy white (about $20 each). photo by Rachel Wiles/Benign Objects.
The King-size bed and slipcovered headboard from Pottery Barn were a wedding gift. I love that when I get sick of the headboard I can just have a new slipcover made.Photo by Rachel Wiles/Benign Objects. All of the bed linens are actually Ikea. The 4 picture frames were on sale at Pier One for $10 each. I spraypainted them a neutral grey brown. The lamps were repurposed from my mom's house. I spraypainted them white and added sandy linen shades. The bedside table (not my favorites) are also hand-me-downs from my parents. I'd like to eventually paint them.  See that little thing hanging down at the top of the photo? It's a fab chandelier from Overstock.com that I should have gotten a better pic of. Way better than the ceiling fan.
This is the little TV corner, though it never even gets turned on. The plant is from Home Depot. The hutch is from Ikea (Hemnes cabinet, $300) and the rattan laundry basket is from Home Goods ($35). I have a thing for Home Goods. Photo by Rachel Wiles/Benign Objects.
A year plus ago I shared our master bathroom renovation with you all. You can revisit that post by clicking here and see how we went from a dark, cramped space to an open, airy haven complete with the clawfoot tub I'd always dreamed of (you can see a glimpse in the topmost photo).

I have completed some other projects since then, but haven't been to great about documenting them and, honestly, sometimes they take awhile to evolve. But today I thought I'd share the master bedroom overhaul. It was originally a dark, dingy room with beige painted popcorn ceilings, beige walls and even beige trim, an ugly ceiling fan and zero personality.

Check out the captions above to see how I transformed the room. The first thing I did was paint the ceiling and trim white. I wish we could have replaced the carpet with hardwood and gotten rid of the popcorn ceiling, but neither were in the budget, sadly. So what do you all think? Do you like a calming space or do you like more pops of color and excitement?

I've been working on the guest and dining rooms, but they're not quite where I want them to be yet.

In the meantime, I'm still awaiting the arrival of our first child. She's being stubborn!

Coming up soon? A free Valentine printable just for you all!


  1. This room looks great! And everything seems pretty economic too. Some great tips in there. I LOVE that bathtub! I hope you get lots of use out of it.

    Congratulations on the baby! I hope she gets a move on it soon! :)

  2. I love your new look!

  3. YOur new bedroom looks absolutely beautiful! You can come and redo my bedroom any time. I actually love the contrast that those two bedside tables. They make a great contrast to everything else. Love it!



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