Piggyback Design 2 Sneakpeak

Sneakpeak of #2 in the Benign Objects Piggyback Design series. By Rachel Wiles/Benign Objects.
 You all really, really seemed to like my first Piggyback Design, and since today is my birthday and I've gotten so many wonderful gifts—both tangible and intangible—I thought I'd make something for you all. Here is a sneakpeak of #2 in the Piggyback Design series.

And, I have a challenge for you all. This screencap contains some clues as to what I'm working on. There are more clues on my Pinterest DIYs-To-Do board. If you are the first to guess what I'm making and leave a comment below, I'll customize the text and colors just for you. I will do the same to the first person to correctly comment on my Benign Objects Facebook page.

See Piggyback Design #1 by clicking here.

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