New Year, New Look

CONFETTISYSTEM is composed of artists Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho. They create  beautiful installations and confetti items for major brands like J.Crew and have been featured all over the world.
Happy New Year! So I've finally overhauled the blog a little bit. There are still some bugs to iron out and tweaks to make, but I'm already enjoying how much brighter and airier it is. And look how big and pretty the pic is! I've gotten rid of some of the clutter and tried to streamline things.

You can see all of my social media bits are at the top right. I've added an instagram and pinterest feed. I also streamlined the categories list (next to the instagram feed) so you can find posts on subjects of interest quickly (I'm looking at you freebie lovers!) :)

I'm going to vary my content a bit more, too. One of my favorite things to read about is how people create, both literally and figuratively, so I'd like to bring in some more artist/creator interviews. My first child is due in 4 weeks, so you can expect to see some child-related content.* Also, there might be some more personal, everyday life stuff, 'cause why not? And some things won't change: I'll still showcase great design, from pretty packaging to gorgeous kitchens. And there will still be free printables, free stuff and giveaways.

I hope you all will stick around, and I hope I can engage you all more with lots of fun new things over the next year.

*In fact, something I've been working on diligently lately is my non-toxic baby pinterest board. It is a collection of non-toxic (no BPA, lead, pthalates, fire retardants) baby items and resources. If you're interested in minimizing the chemical load on your child when you can like I am, you should check this board out. I add things as I research them. You can see the board here. If you have some products I should add, please let me know. I pin a crazy variety of things. You can see all of my boards and follow me here.

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