My Spring Look

I am due with my first child any day now. The truth is, I've had a pretty great pregnancy experience and really can't complain much—though I'm certainly well into all of the discomforts that go along with those last couple of weeks of pregnancy: I have pretty much been living in stretchy exercise pants and loose tops because I cannot justify buying anything else for just these last few weeks.

I will confess: I miss "normal" clothes. I miss the ease with which I used to dress. I totally took it for granted that I could tie a shoe without having to come up for air between the left and right shoe! I spent a good portion of my life experimenting with different modes of dress. Ages 12-14 were particularly disastrous with their overabundance of neon, spandex and windbreaker fabrics. It really wasn't until about 30 that I sort of settled into a style that really felt like me, and I've pretty much stuck with it ever since. It's sort of a bohemian, prep, eclectic combo. The outfit in the above photo is right up my alley, so I decided to see if I could re-create it on the cheap. Lo and behold, I could! I am not blessed with legs that long or thin, but somehow I remain ever hopeful that skinny jeans like that will work on me. To this day, they have not. But I am nothing if not an optimist!

Have you all found your comfort zone in terms of fashion or do you still experiment?

From top left:  Single Button Blazer from Body Central, $29.90 (I have this and it gets a lot of use. I had to order a size up from normal); Fox stud earrings from C.Wonder, $38; Boatneck sailor tee from Land's End; Straight Jean, American Eagle, $39 (I love their jeans. They fit me well and the prics are so great. I wear them far more than my expensive Joe's,Sevens, Citizens, etc. jeans); Crocs clogs (I know, really!), $70, or the slightly more modestly priced Sbicca Hutton clog, $59; Throw on a pretty, layered gold necklace from etsy seller, Potion Number 9, $34, and tuck this sweet, cream leather and gold foldover clutch from etsy seller byMART, $34, under your arm.

*I found the original inspiration photo, by Ornithes on flickr (via pinterest) here.


  1. Couldn't resist leaving a note because I also don't have long skinny legs either and I used to swear by the American Eagle Straight jeans, but these jeans from American Eagle are my new favourites. They just may work for you!

  2. Courtney,

    Thanks so much for the tip; I can't wait to try these jeans. :)




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