What in tarnation?! It's a carnation!

Carnations always get such a bad rap. I've been working on styling for an upcoming fundraising event and had a small budget for table decor. Carnations were the cheapest flower option, but no one could get over their stigma against them, so we sucked it up and spent a few dollars more for roses.

However, I just couldn't leave the store without some of their carnations, and I was hellbent on making them look decent. I stuck them in a white trophy cup from target with some greenery snipped from my backyard. I think they look almost peony-esque. How did I do? Success or fail? Are there any flowers you all absolutely detest?



  1. You are right they do look peony esque! I may need to rethink my prejudice.

  2. I think they look beautiful. As long as flowers are pretty, I don't care how much they cost. Let people be surprised by how pretty they are.

  3. I loathe carnations. But you made these look amazing! See, R! You're so freaking talented you can make even the most despised of all flowers look gorgeous! :)

  4. By the way, the title of this post earned a legitimate laugh out loud from yours truly. Well played, my friend. Well played. :)

  5. I love carnations. So much so that my wedding flowers were carnations :)

    You did a wonderful job with them.



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