W.Ink Logo Design

See those business cards? They're going to be gorgeous with hot foil stamping, right? They're for my very first brick-and-mortar shop, which I am calling W.Ink. This name has a bunch of elements that I like. It's fun and whimsical but does double duty in that it also stands for Wiles Ink, or Wiles Inc. This is a stationery shop I am opening within my friend's amazing bridal shop, Finery. I will be carrying stationery and accessories for weddings and other similarly momentous occasions. In addition to my own line, Benign Objects, I am carrying some amazing stationery and accessory lines, so I thought I needed a storefront name that's separate from my own design studio and stationery designs, so W.Ink it is! I struggled with this because it is typically a horrible idea to split what name recognition I now have in order to put energy into promoting another brand, but Benign Objects is too limited for my shop.

To that end, I referenced the original Benign Objects logo in the W.Ink business cards (see the birds from the B9 logo in the four corners?) and kept the rest of the mark relatively simple. The back features the W.Ink bird. Because there had to be a bird. I am working with a great company in Tennesee wot foil stamp these in several colors and will be delighted to show you all the results when I get them. I'm glad foil stamping is finally getting the love it deserves.

I need some help, and I hope you all would give me your opinions since I know you all have fabulous taste: 1. The business cards: which back do you all like better?
2. The website address: I picked up fun options and straightforward options. Tell me which you prefer:



  1. Definitely winkpaperie.com and I think the first back. It's cleaner and more classic.

  2. I agree with Elyse. The first business card design ties in better with the front and has better flow and I like winkpaperie best. GL and so excited to see it come together! :D

  3. Thanks for the input! I agree with you both!

  4. I actually like the second backing with the "ribbon" best. The first one does have more technical continuity, but I actually find the script font a bit hard to immediately read though gorgeous, and the ribbon helps separate the smaller text of your title better.

    I like designwithawink.com, but for the purpose of being more clear, working well with the current market, and simplicity, I would have to agree that winkpaperie.com would be the best choice.

    Wish I could come visit the shop!

  5. Tia,

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful input! I love designwithawink.com, too, but think everyone's right that simpler is better. :)

  6. The first business card design ties in better with the front and has better flow and I like winkpaperie best. I wish to design Metal business cards like this.



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