A Mighty Fine Job

I wanted to share with you all the beautiful photos of the finished Finery shop interior, featuring my branding work. This was an amazing project to work on, and the beautiful photography by Simply Bloom really captures the love that went into this shop (see more on their blog). If you're in the North Alabama area and in the market for cocktail, debutante or wedding-related finery, this is the place to go. This is also the space where I'll be opening my first brick and mortar invitation shop in October, called W.Ink. More details on that later.


  1. Gorgeous! I can't wait to see the details from your own store!

  2. Oh wow, this shop is absolutely to die for and your branding is SPOT ON! Just discovered your blog via pinterest today and am loving it!

  3. Thanks Melissa,

    I will be moving into my shop October 1st and will be sure to post before and afters.

  4. Elyse, Thanks so much for the kind words. I discovered your blog via Pinterest, as well, and amd a new fan. I think the pin was some amazing art. God I love pinterest, don't you? ;)



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