This Bedroom with This Bathroom=Dreamy

via Country Living
via House Beautiful
Don't they seem the perfect pairing? I imagine them in within a rustic French farmhouse.

Do you all have any perfect pairings? These are both on my Pinterest (along with many more gorgeous beds and baths, in case you want to follow me. :)

Do any of you all remember when I did a 10 under $25 giveaway awhile back? I'm gathering some new favorites for another giveaway. Stay tuned.

Also, are you guys interested in seeing some house reno projects I've been working on? If so, let me know and I'll post them. I'm nesting and have been busy redoing our laundry room, fancying up our kitchen, our family room, living room, bedroom and guest room.


  1. I LOVE renovation projects! Please bring on the before/afters :) I live in a teeny tiny NYC rental, so I enjoy living vicariously through other people's big projects.

  2. Love the white on white look in the bedroom. Classic mixes of textures and varying hues. Nice.

  3. Melissa, I will do my best. I really need to share some before and afters of our bedroom, laundry room and den, and I hope to get to it as soon as I open my new shop in October. :)



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