I'm Dreaming of an (Almost) White Kitchen

Click photo to see larger (it's way better that way) Original kitchen on left with green rubber tile and yucky pendants. Right shows new pendants. Someone needs to do some major de-cluttering and straightening!
Here you can see the new brown flooring. It looks like bamboo but was super cost-effective vinyl tiles. I cringed at first at the idea of more vinyl tiles, but the price really helped me get past that hurdle! You can also see into the eating nook and family room, which are also in progress and will be discussed later.
Love this kitchen by fabulous Nest Design Studio. I'm going for a similar look. They've used a larger, gray backsplash tile, which is lovely.

This kitchen is by Nicole Davis and is very similar to ours. I think our granites are a match. She did a subway backsplash with light grouting for a super white, clean effect. And check out that chandy over the island!

via Better Homes and Gardens. It's on my kitchen board on pinterest. This isn't a super dark grout, but a darker neutral that creates a nice pattern.
Back in April, I posted this collection of beautiful white kitchens which were populating my dreams.

I decided that I simply *must* have a white kitchen and started looking into transforming the kitchen that came with our house. Our cabinets and appliances would work as they were. As I started pricing other things out, especially new countertops, I came to the conclusion that I couldn't justify removing perfectly good granite just because it didn't suit my tastes.

The price tag for new granite dictated I change my tastes, instead! :) So I found a few kitchens with similar granite countertops I liked and decided to create a new look via light fixtures, flooring, adding a tile backsplash, cleaning things up and possibly switching out some of the hardware.

You can see that just by changing out the light fixtures and the floor, things are already looking different, and better imho. I removed ugly green rubber tile and replaced it with a brown vinyl tile from Lowe's that has the look of cork flooring, wears well, hides dirt and is super cost effective. The light fixtures were $29 each from Lowe's. I spray painted them matte white. One I installed myself. The other two I got help with.

Now I'm eyeing the backsplash. I love the idea of penny tiles as seen above. But I also love subway, too, like in Nicole's kitchen above. And there's small hex tiles. (All options shown together in topmost photo). All are super cheap and readily available at Home Depot. What tile do you all think? What grout? Light or dark? Dark will create more of a pattern effect while light grout will create more of a pure white.

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