Duly Toted

I totes love tote bags (you're totally cringing over that, I know. Sorry.). I made the switch to them several years ago for carrying groceries and find them far superior to plastic or paper bags. I thought I'd do a round-up of some of my favorites. The ones I use most frequently and find to be best for groceries have been the Baggu totes.

From top to bottom: Flower screenprinted tote, $20, Depeapa;  Falling Leaves Leather Tote, $129, misohappi; Reversible oilcloth beach totes, $55, RBTBags;  Brown chevron beach tote, $44.99, OhhBabyInfinity; Tangerine Ikat Tote, $24.95, Season's Gift & Home; Triangles Tote, $30, by Jessalin Beutler; Ikat Dot Pool beach tote, $38.99, PBTeen; Baggu totes, $9 each, Baggu; Chevron Classic coated canvas tote, $26, Noteworthy Notes.

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