Martha Stewart and Inside Weddings, Oh My!

I feel really, really special this month, and so honored that both Martha Stewart Weddings and Inside Weddings magazines have featured my work in their most recent issues. MS Weddings contacted me awhile back about creating one of my custom printed muslin bags just for them. We worked together on a special design and I had so much fun printing them in orange ink (that was my first orange ink order!)*. Inside Weddings magazine gave Benign Objects custom printed handkerchiefs its own very kind write-up in the Discoveries section. Those are always my *favorite* sections of any magazine, so I was delighted to be "discovered" by them.

*I want to give a special shout-out to my friend Rachel Lackey, of Green Pea Press. I print over at Green Pea, which is part of a wonderful hodgepodge of artists' spaces within old Lowe Mill in Huntsville, Alabama. If you ever pass through Huntsville, it's a must see. I always enjoy going over there, and Rachel is the bees knees. (I'm not the only one that thinks so; Rachel and Green Pea were recently featured in Southern Living magazine). 

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