I've been pretty obsessed with the idea of some sort of bench seating in our kitchen lately. I love the look of built-ins, but it's not quite in the budget right now. Instead I'm thinking of finagling the look with the help of some Ikea bookcases and crown moulding. In the meantime, here are a variety of my inspirations. The one right above this text is the look I'm going for, with a couple of tweaks.

Sources: Top to bottom: credit: Harriet Maxwell Macdonald/Elizabeth Zeschin Photography; unknown via Pinterest; source unknown via Decorpad; Sarah Richardson via DecorPad; unknown via Pinterest; Amoroso Design via Pinterest; Southern Living Idea House via Pinterest; Windsor Smith/Michael Wells Photography; Monica Stewart.


  1. Definitely love banquette seating as well! Dreaming of one to have in our home one day. Lovely inspiration round up here! Especially fond of the tables near a window. Gorg!

  2. I love these nooks and seating areas!!!



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