Before we moved into our new house, I purged our furniture as best I could: futons from college, worn out desks held together with duck tape, etc. But I needed to keep two IKEA Malm dressers I had for practical purposes, even though I HATE the way they look. And then I discovered O'verlays:

"O'verlays™ were created after long searches for such a product came up empty.  Danika had found some vintage fretwork panels and decided to use them on a client's IKEA® PAX wardrobe.  With some panels of mirror and the help of a finish carpenter the wardrobes underwent a dramatic inexpensive transformation."

O'verlays fit many IKEA pieces, including my Malm dressers and are pretty cheap (starting at about $16 a piece). Now instead of being depressed about the hideous state of the dressers, I'm excited at the prospect of making them lovely! Hello weekend project. :)
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