Chronic Bitchface

Throughout highschool and college, I was often told I looked intimidating or mad if I wasn't smiling. See left photo fro highschool. The label on the photo is even "bitchpose." My face never seemed to match the happy, bubbly ooze that was going on inside my head most of the time. So, I often just smiled a lot. Sometimes even when no one is around (see pic on right from last year). Habit, I guess.

So, when I was catching up on PuglyPixel's blog the other day and came across this Chronic Bitchface print by Kris Atomic, I got so excited. I think I need to hang one right outside my office, just to prepare people in case they catch me not smiling or, alternatively, wonder why I'm sitting at my desk smiling creepily at my computer screen.

Any ladies  (or gents, for that matter) out there with chronic bitchface? How do you solve the problem?


  1. I have had this same problem since I can remember—though I like that I can now actually refer to it as "chronic bitchface," haha. I usually just promise people I am not angry or depressed and then when they get to know me better, they know it's true. (Chronic bitchface scared my fiance off for months before we actually started dating! Luckily, he got over it)

    PS, I love your blog!

  2. I too have suffered from "chronic bitchface," since I was a kid but didn't realize it had a name until now! I saw this poster on Pugley Pixel's blog a while ago and it cracked me up. I'm so relieved to know I'm not alone.



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