Living Room: From Traditional to Eclectic

I know, it's a little overwhelming, right?

New living room, looking in from doorway as in original photo at top left of insp. board. I am a bookcase fanatic and plan to line the entire back wall with IKEA bookcases with extensions. Cheaper than built ins and portable.

Opposite view. Clear acyrlic console table beneath window with poufs living below. And of course a delicious, rustic coffee table. They didn't have a driftwood table, but that's what I really want.

View from right side of couch. Love the long ottoman in front of the fireplace. The sunburst mirror didn't quite render properly, but you get the gist. I chose to accent this wall only with a dark, patterned wallpaper that will complement my plans for the dining room.

Another view of the console table. I stuck a glossy black chandelier over it, but I don't think will come to fruition in the real room.

View from in front of the fireplace. I am drooling over the potential space for all my books.

Once you design a room and save it, MyDeco automatically creates a 3D rendering. It takes awhile, so you'll likely see it the day after you make something. Look at the detail and light, though! You can even see into the dining room I started. Look at the texture on the chair, and the shadows. Lovely! I can't believe it's free.
At top is my first inspiration board for our new living room. That picture at the very top left is an MLS photo of the living room in our new house. The house, overall, has a look that's a little too traditional for me, so the plan is to ease it into an eclectic New Orleans vibe.

I am in love with MyDeco, a website that lets you decorate and design rooms with an online tool (for FREE!). It takes some finagling, but will suck you in for hours once you get the hang of it. Once you design a room, you can take snapshots from different angles, which is what the second group of photos is. You'll notice that once I actually start designing, the look is a lot less formal than the original inspiration board.

Have you guys tried MyDeco before?


  1. the renderings have incorporated so many great ideas! they're such an amazing tool for getting a sense of the space. now i just can't wait to see it come together in real life!

  2. Oh no. I'm scared of how tempting this site will be! But I love what you've done with the space Rachel. Can't wait to see it all put together. Side question, are you considering going to Alt next year?



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