Gone Fishing for a Short Spell

In case you haven't noticed, it's been a bit quiet over here. I spent last week dealing with hectic everyday life stuff and now I've gone on our first vacation of the year with my husband. We will be soaking up the rays until after Memorial Day and then I will be moving from the midwest back to my beloved South. So please bear with some intermittent posting until I can get everything relatively settled!

p.s. If you follow me on Pinterest, you will note that some of my interior design boards have suddenly gotten a little sparse. That is due to Houzz refusing to allow their photos on the Pinterest site and forcing Pinterest to remove them. I think this is a really boneheaded move on their part, as they were getting crazy traffic from referrals, but I suspect they'll realize their mistake eventually. For now, I will no longer be using their site because it pisses me off that they have a problem with sharing photos that aren't even necessarily theirs, especially via a site like Pinterest, which does its best to credit proper sources. Later Houzz.  Rock on, Pinterest.

Image via Pinterest.com

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  1. i've noticed that on pinterest too! so frustrating. good luck with the move and have a great vacation!



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