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Are you guys still there? I hope so! No sooner have I gotten back from vacation than I am dreaming up another one. Camping this time. :) I am obsessed with tents and have been since I was little. I was always making blanket tents with chairs or fan tents with a big box fan and trash bag tarp taped into a long tunnel.

Three above images from Suburban Campsite.
Did you know that there are even people out there that will create your tent fantasy for you? Kella MacPhee of Suburban Campsite (watch the music on the site. It plays immediately so you might need to turn your volume down if at work) wrote me awhile back, letting me know about her and her husband's services. They've got all the gear and know-how to create a cool tent experience, whether it's for a child's birthday party, a family adventure or a romantic escape.I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but once I dug around their site, it proved to be quite addictive and I came around. They've really thought of everything! Neat concept!

Were you a tent person or a fort person when you were little? Or both?

While I was gone, I almost completely unplugged, meaning I didn't check my blog reader for almost three weeks. There are thousands and thousands of unread posts in there. Scary. Finally, I decided I had to check in on a few favorites and not worry about the rest. What are your *must read* blogs? The ones you just have to check in on?

Tent images from top:
1. Via Pinterest here.
2. Via Pinterest here.
3. Via Pinterest here.
4. Via Something's Hiding in Here.
5. Image by Simply Bloom Photography.

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