Free Mother's Day Printable and Survey Results

 Good morning everyone! We will start this week off with a free, printable Mother's Day Card (see above) that you can download from the Benign Objects freebie section here. It's inspired by my mom, who I think is so frickin' cool.

I will also give you an update on survey results, which 23 people were kind enough to take. Thank you so much!:

1. You guys like free things. Who doesn't?
2. The thing you guys like least is posts on artists/photographers and next is posts on graphic designers.
3.You love product and design roundups. Good. Me too!
4. You guys are open to seeing more interior design stuff, which is good because I have a cool idea for that.
5. Most of you really like seeing my work featured here on my design blog, but a surprising 26% rated seeing my work as #2 next to a total snorefest. Wow! (Of course, for the record, that was only 6 people). I won't take it personally, but I will say that this blog has and always will say "Benign Objects" at the top. Which is the name of my design studio. Which is what I do. For a living. So, you're likely going to see plenty more of my work. Fair warning. ;) Intriguingly enough, the top answer for what people would like to see more of on the blog was my work, next to packaging and graphic design. Go figure!

I've got some ideas for some new types of posts, but other than that I'm going to keep on keepin' on, sharing things that inspire and delight me!

Happy Monday!

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