Printable Easter Card

Easter is coming up, so I modified a collage I made awhile back and created a printable 5x7 card for you guys.

Here in Minnesota, we might have a snowy Easter; it's coming down hard now! If it sounds like I am happy or excited about that, please know I am not. I am so thoroughly exhausted (my very nice way of expressing my extreme bitterness) of the weather here and am literally counting down the days until I can get back to the South. I wish you all a happy (and snow free!) Easter.

Download the card by clicking "Read more" below or get it as a printable PDF over on Printable Paperie's free downloads by clicking here (I prefer PDFs so I've decided to add this option to all of my printables).

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As always, these are for personal use only and should not be modified or distributed in any way. All rights reserved.

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