Notebook Obsession

Ever since I was little, I've been obsessed with notebooks and journals and have amassed quite a collection. But there's a kind of ridiculous twist. The prettier the notebook, the less I've traditionally written in it. I have some notebooks that are completely empty (see the Girl of All Work journals 2nd from top). I have this weird thing that something significant should be written in the prettiest books, not just my chicken scratch of ideas and drawings. I'm trying to get over that, but isn't that totally weird? Do you guys have any odd hangups like that?

Journals, from top to bottom:
Top two by Girl of all Work here and here.
3.Native Flowers journal by Jill Bliss at Chronicle Books here.
4. Amy Butler Flexi Journal from Chronicle Books here (I use one like this all the time and love it).
5. Faux Bois notebook from OhSoGood's etsy shop (seems to be temporarily closed)
6. Hammerpress letterpressed notebook here.
7. Letterpressed memo book from Smock Paper here (lots of lovely patterns and color combos).
8. Jenni Bick screenprinted eco journals here. Love these; don't they remind you of the clothbound classics Anthro was selling for awhile? Would look lovely in an office!

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  1. ;-) I have the exact same fear, that I will somehow spoil it by writing in it! I have a journal on my bedside table that I bought in the 90's and I just love to look at it, I keep telling myself I should write in it, but I cannot get myself to do it!



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