Fairhope House Living Room Inspiration

So lots of housing stuff going on this week. After I closed on my first home Monday, I found out my parents bought a quaint cottage in the beautiful small coastal Alabama town of Fairhope. Fairhope is pretty much exactly what you would imagine an artsy seaside community to be: art galleries, small shops and cafes, people unhurriedly strolling the sidewalks. In other words, it's an idyllic place and I look forward to visiting!

Mom wants to add some personal touched to the cottage. She likes cottage style, but not too English garden-y style cottage, more eclectic modern cottage. Does that even make sense? Anyhow, here's a little inspiration board I came up with for her living room (the current living room is the pic in the top left corner of the board). Would you like to see more of this sort of interior design stuff? I love it, but I don't know about you guys.

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  1. I'd LOVE to see more of this kind of thing ;o)



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