Eight Hour Day's new look

 Husband and wife design & illustration team Eight Hour Day is hands down on my short list of people that constantly inspire me. I think their style and skill is impeccable and they seem to be super cool people, to boot. They are currently traveling around the country for an entire year, sightseeing and designing. You can learn more about that adventure here. As for the new look, I love the bold colors (letterpressed by Studio on Fire) and I especially love the "blog pog":

"Our new blog was a large part of this trip. For us it was a way to record and share our travels. Because of this, we wanted to have something to give people we met along the way, or those people or places we wanted to feature that wasn’t as stuffy as a business card. Our solution was the blog pog–a bit quirkier leave behind that let people know we were going to blog about them (EHD Likes You) or simply directed people to the blog to find out more (EHD Was Here)."

Please read more about the thoughts behind the design and see more photos on their blog.

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