Uppercase Magazine, Issue 8: Letterpress galore!

Issue 8!
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My article!
Selina Lake, ohhhlala!
Die cut, letterpressed piece contributed by Studio on Fire
In my former life, before I started gravitating to layouts more than words, I was a journalist. Occasionally I dust off my notebooks and tape recorders and try to give my writing skills a little workout by contributing articles and other written pieces to magazines and newspaper. I'm so proud to have contributed an article on one of my favorite letterpress shops, Studio on Fire, for Issue 8 of Uppercase Magazine. If you haven't heard of this wonderful publication before, I highly recommend it. Described as a publication for the "creative and the curious," each issue is always packed full of interesting tidbits and interviews and features an excellent layout on high-quality paper.

Not only does this issue feature stylist Selina Lake, but it also has a letterpress theme as an undercurrent: each and every issue has a donated piece from one of four dozen letterpress shops around the world tucked within its pages. Cool, huh?

I always get excited to find this magazine in the mail!

*All photos by Janine Vangool/Uppercase.


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  1. I can't wait to get my issue and pour over the pages! How exciting you have an article!!



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