Timur Tsaku

Intriguing work by Uzbekistani artist Timur Tsaku. From his website:

"Tsaku’s paintings begin with abstracted backgrounds in acrylic. “When the surfaces of the panels are almost completed” Tsaku says, “these moody, abstracted landscapes reveal the figures that will encompass the majority of the image.” The artist uses a "triple zero" paint brush and magnifying glass to achieve a hyper-realistic, almost photographic representation of the people and animals depicted in his unique imagery.

Characterized by very modern black and white composition, Tsaku’s paintings are also highlighted with touches of gold paint. According to the artist, all of the characters in his works are based on figures found in the Old Testament of the Bible. With a majority of the figures taking the form of animals; these animals are actually spiritual creatures that have manifested themselves in the shapes of dogs, cats and other “approachable” beasts.

In his words, the depicted scenes are a synthesis of whimsy and wonder, surrealism and hyperrealism. A world, where spirits take the form of dogs and women, become amorphous elongated figures. A world, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the real becomes surreal."

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