25 Days of Freebies and Giveaways: Day Six

I've had several requests to adjust last year's candle freebie so that it's not date specific, so that's today's freebie. Get all of the printable files by clicking "Read More." Here's what you'll get:

1. Pillow box
2. 2 CD cases (one with a blank front, one that says "happy holidays.")
3. Set of small circular labels
4. Set of larger rectangle labels
5. Large circular labels
6. "Ribbon"
7. Super-cute labels to wrap around small jars

Colorwise, I utilized some icy colors: light blue, shades of grey, dark blue, white and a pop of an orange-y red (see bottom photo of CD case).

These are all free for personal use. Simply download or right click (control click on Macs) the template jpegs. Print it out on cardstock and cut out. Some have instructions, some are pretty self-explanatory.

For the label, I made a candle in a jar using supplies I got from Hobby Lobby, but you could fill a small jar with candy, bath salts, whatever. Hobby Lobby (or Michael's, I imagine) has a huge selection of plain glass jars. You can just trim the label to size. I used the smaller round tags and attached them to tea bags. A few would fit nicely in the pillowbox. And then, oh my goodness, you could give someone and entire sensory experienced: tea for warmth and comfort, a CD for audio pleasure and a candle for scent.

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