My First Gift Fair

I know I've been pretty much absent for the last month or so. I was preparing for my first-ever gift fair, which can be a little busy if you're a one-man show like me. I worked my fingers to the bone to get everything ready and the result (above photos) was something that totally satisfied my desire to have a shop. Now I can go back to my little office and to my wonderful world-wide clients!

I'll be slowly updated my etsy shop with all the new offerings I debuted at the show such as this alphabet print and this animal print! Boy I'm glad to be back.

Also, if you see something in the photos you like and must have it immediately, email me and I'll try my best to accommodate you!


  1. your booth looks great! i love all of the different elements, makes me want to explore :)

  2. this look FABULOUS!!! can we please open a shop together already - vintage clothes and housewares, your awesome creations, and records. it would be the best store in the south :)

  3. I would love to have a store eventually, at least this event satisfied that itch for the immediate future. :)



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