Inspired by Wood Type

I've taken several letterpress classes up here in Minnesota and one thing I never get tired of looking at are the trays of wood type. Wood type has a warm, smooth tactile quality that always draws me in and inevitably leads me to run my fingertips over it.

I don't yet own a letterpress, but I am hoping to soon. In the meantime, I've put together a collection of things inspired by wood type, including some new paper goods (thanks card, hello cards and a 2011 calendar) I've posted in my etsy shop. I love the calendar's textured paper and that it comes with a little clothespin for additional hanging options.

From top to bottom:
1 & 7. Benign Objects 2011 Calendar.
2. Printmaker's Sideboard by Restoration Hardware ($1695)
3. Letterpress Wood Type Initials Set by Three Potato Four ($45)
4. Wood Type Table by The Inspired Maker (contact for pricing).
5. Alphabet Drawers by Kent and London (2700 Euro. Hey, a girl can dream).
6. Chocolate Type by Typolade.
8. Wood Type-inspired Thanks notecards in the Benign Objects etsy shop.
9. Wood Type-inspired Hello notecards in the Benign Objects etsy shop.


  1. there's a screen printing/letterpress shop coming in at the mill and i CAN'T WAIT! i'm sure it will need some benign objects love once you're settled :)

  2. That's awesome. I *so* cannot wait to get back!

  3. I really love your calendar. Super fun!



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