Inspired by Stripes

It is 21 degrees here and all I can think about is stripes. Juicy, bold stripes that warm my heart just a little.

From top:
1. Stripes in the bathroom via Jordan Guide Design.
2. Betsey Johnson Striped Shoe at ASOS.
3. Striped toolbox by Alice Supply Co.
4. Paul Frank Striped Hat, Scarf and Gloves set.
5. Biodegradeable multi-striped outdoor mat by Porchscapes.
6. Modern French Tips via Black Eiffel.
7. sticx from Ginette Lapalme's Flickr.
8. Nail polish from OPI, Essie and Chanel in the following colors:
Cuckoo for this Color, Silkcord, Mademoiselle, Gold Fiction, Waltz, William Tell Me About OPI
 9. Eiko Egg Boiler Set by Vessel.
10.Axes by Best Made Co.
11.Abstract in Striped Paint #30 by Fane Flaws.


  1. Thanks Caroline. I'm glad you commented, as it led to me discovering your wonderful blog!




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