Some cheerful storage canisters I made earlier this week for an upcoming show.
Alexa Meade paints people.
That is, she paints *on* people. Cool, huh? Via Sub-studio Design Blog.
When designer/illustrator Ty Mattson is inspired by something, he goes for it. Usually with great results. Showtime picked up his Dexter posters and the limited editions are available for purchase here.
Love these coasters from the Cranky Pressman and Parliament of Owls.
Beautiful foil work on the Creative Review Cover designed by Marian Bantjes.

Last night I was thinking about a friend I visited in Chicago who told me about how his failure to get into Journalism school led to him entering the culinary world instead. He is now the executive chef for a wonderful restaurant in Wicker Park and we laughed about how lucky we were to get out of journalism and find these careers that we *really* loved.

This is probably going to sound a little cheesy, but sometimes I get so excited about what the next days holds that I can't go to sleep. There are so many things I want to create, so many things I want to make that it's overwhelming sometimes. Reading the slew of blogs that I do provides endless inspiration and I'm constantly in awe of people's passion to keep creating.

Never in my life did I think that I would actually look forward to work every day. But I do, and I feel pretty damn lucky.

So, happy Friday, friends. I hope you find lots of inspiration in your life or work, as well. The photos above are some things that I've found inspiring this week

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