The Future of Books

The Future of the Book. from IDEO on Vimeo.

I am a huge bibliophile and nothing pleases me more than walking into a bookstore on a weekend afternoon. But now I own a Kindle, and I can't deny its convenience. It has its frustrations, too, but for traveling it's wonderful. I've struggled with trying to figure out how the book will fare in the future, so seeing this amazing video by IDEO that imagines the future of the book through three different models is amazing. If you watch it, tell me which model you like best. Or none at all? I'm curious.

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  1. This actually scared me a lot. The whole idea of the revolution of digital books scares me a lot! And not because I don't think they're cool - of course they are. And I can see them having a place in my life, even a prominent place. What scares me is the inevitable replacement of printed books. Especially the Alice model. Interactive novels? Sounds like a lot of fun. Sometimes. But then it's more of a video game than a novel, isn't it? There's simply no way to get caught up in the vivid and continuous dream, the whole other, imaginary world, if you are continually distracted out of it by backstories, explanations, choices. I would be really, really sad if fiction turned into that, if there were no truly immersive books left :(



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