Fun Friday Freebies

What's this? Oh, nothin, just a bunch of free stuff I found for you guys. Happy weekend.

Also, you see that box in the top right of my sidebar with some of my card designs and then where it says "Vote for My Designs on Minted?" If you like them and are feeling up to it, I'd really appreciate your vote.

Here are your corresponding links for the freebies:

Top left: Free Vintage Fabric Deco Tapes from Pugly Pixel (who is awesome). Get it here.
Top Middle: Turn your computer into vintage photo booth here (it has sound, so watch out). (via Poppytalk)
Top Right: Photo Overlays. The styling and props are taken care of. You just pop your photo in and poof, instant beauty. That Pugly Pixel is sure generous. Get them here.
Middle: Los Banditos. Cause everyone needs a good distressed Western font. Get it here.
Middle-ish left: Bunch of "the's" and "and's" No idea what you're going to do with them, but they're pretty to look at. Get them from Green Chair Press here.
Bottom right: WPA Posters. Ooops, they're not free, just cheap. And beautiful. Get them here. (via Oh Happy Day)
Bottom Left: Mmhmm, it's hard to resist a font called "StamPete." Get it here.

* I love alliteration almost as much as I love Fridays!



  1. ooo thanks :) i love free creative stuff :)
    thanks for sharing and taking the time to compile this

    Betty Bake Blog

  2. i love the photo booth! it's fun when i turn up my volume really loud-- let's me have the full experience. hehe

  3. oh they are all just GORGEOUS ...and you are soo right -just had a look at that Pugly Pixel...fab!!!





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