Help Me Choose My Next Print!

I've been working on some new prints for the shop. These two prints feature a beautiful quote I came across recently by Michael Ondaatje. I'm just torn, though, and can't decide if I like the simple, typographic solution or the illustrated, artsy background. What do you guys think? Which one would you rather hang and where would you hang it?


  1. I like the artsy one. I would hang my desk where I would see it all the time or maybe in the bathroom across from 'the seat.' Where I also would see it all the time. Yes, I think bathroom. I think each time that I saw it there, it would perhaps make me remember the dream.

  2. ooh hard one as the two different *sides* to me actually love both....
    i think the graphic one i would hang somewhere that is always busier in my house, like the hallway or on the way to the kitchen...where as the *art* one i would keep in my office or perhaps someone would hang in their *reading room* or the like....
    can't you do a small run of each?
    think i'm complicating it now :)

    either way, whatever you choose, both are gorgeous and i love the quote!

    melissa x

  3. Either way, you should probably write his name on the print. Otherwise it appears as though you are passing it off as your own. I do like the first one better.

  4. Like Valerie, I prefer the simple one, the one on top. Because it's easier to read unlike the other one (bottom) since your aim is for the message to be read, right? Ü



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