Fred XYZ Packaging

Love the packaging, love the design of these XYZ blocks from Fred illustrated by Christian Northeast. This is my new semi-snarky go-to baby gift.

-via NotCot


  1. I love these soooo much! A side effect of two graphic designers having a baby named Fred. These will be under the Christmas tree for sure.

  2. I've been wandering around your blog for a few days now. I've been clicking and reading and bookmarking links and laughing and ohhing and ahhhing.

    I finally decided that I needed to say something - I love your blog. Thank you :) Thank you for putting together such a beautiful space.

    Oh and I'm totally getting this alphabet block set for my nieces for Christmas!


  3. Hi Kristin,

    Glad you spoke up, especially with such kind words! I'm glad to have appreciative readers like you that enjoy a mix of quirk and loveliness. :)




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