Letterhead Love

I'm so happy to announce that today is the "official" launch of LetterheadLove.com*. I *love* letterhead. A couple of months ago I was working on a letterhead project and was looking for some place to go for some sort of inspiration. Basically I was looking for a Dieline.com, except with a focus on letterheads. I couldn't find a place solely dedicated to letterhead, so I decided to create one. Some might say that letterhead is on its way out, being replaced by PDF or Word templates. On the one hand, I don't mind if the site becomes a museum of lovely letterhead. Fantastic! On the other hand, I am not convinced that letterhead will ever become completely obsolete. Like many other things, I think it will fall into its own little specialized niche, if anything.

I spent a few months corresponding with designers and firms whose work I respect immensely, people like Eric Kass of Funnel, firms like Ptarmak out of Austin, Wink, Studio Geologie, Imagehaus, The Creative Method and Cue. These folks were kind enough to help get me started by providing me images of their fantastic work.

Please go visit the site if you're a lover of paper and design; bookmark it if you like. I intend to update it daily with stellar letterhead kits. If you come across something that you think should be included or if you yourself have designed something cool, please send over to me. I would really like to see it. Really. I *love* letterhead.

*The site actually went up in mid February but then I got side-tracked by other projects and had to put it on hold for a bit.


  1. : : : Squeal of delight : : :

    Plugging into my reader as we speak!

    THANK YOU! What a great idea.

  2. eeek! bookmarked :)
    What a fantastic idea!

  3. This is fantastic that you started a site of letterhead ideas. I'm going to enjoy it so much...thank you!



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