Earth Day Seed Bomb Freebie

Earth Day is the 22nd, so I created a little DIY wildflower seed bomb freebie. Seed bombs are a simple way to spread some color in urban or ugly areas.

You will need: 3 x 4 muslin bags (or larger), iron-on transfer paper, seedbombs. Make the seed bombs, print out the muslin bag design on transfer paper (it's sized perfectly for 3 x 4 inch bags, but you can use larger), cut it out and iron it onto your bag. Then fill the bag with 4 or 5 seed bombs and spread the love.

Here are two good tutorials on how to easily make seed bombs: This video from This pictorial tutorial from the LA Times. Or this step-by-step tutorial from

Click after the jump to get the file. Just save it to your desktop by right clicking or control clicking or whatever sort of clicking you do.


  1. great idea!!! i love seed bombs :):)

  2. Thanks for sharing!
    Hopefully we will be making seedbombs this year!



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