Spring CD Sleeve freebie and playlist

It's Monday. I think I should give something away. Sunday was so nice that it actually convinced me that I will get to wear shorts some time in the next 3 months. This CD sleeve is inspired by Spring, which is my favorite season in the South. Spring doesn't have the same presence and feel in Minnesota; the snow melts, but it's still feels too cold to get excited about the summer.

So here's to Spring, Southern and otherwise. Also, traditionally I list the songs on heavy rotation during my day. This time I compiled a playlist for you so you can just click here and go ahead and listen to it, no purchase necessary.

Those lovely readers who have signed up to receive my occasional newsletter got this freebie sent to them last Wednesday. If you'd like to receive updates, discounts and freebies before anyone else, please click here to sign up for my newsletter or click the top left tab above the header of the blog. (I won't share your info with anyone. Promise. :)

This template is free for personal use only. Simply download or right click (control click on Macs) the template jpeg (bottom image). Print it out on cardstock, cut it out, fold the flaps in and glue.


  1. These are so beautiful! Oh my and now I have to make sure I make a cd that is of same prettiness as the cover.
    At least I thought, but I think I will go with yours as I love to explore new music.

  2. lovely! off to listen to the playlist.

  3. raaaaaaachel darling...may i feature this? with credit and praise of course!!

    also, don't you just LOVE that mixpod site! so convenient :)

  4. Thank you for sharing! Your CD covers are beautiful!

  5. Ashley, please feel free to feature my work any time. :)

  6. These are wonderful, thank you so much! How lovely for favors. I'll be linking.



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