Lo Res shoes

I am undecided about the Lo Res shoe from United Nude. On the one hand, I love the color combos (especially the baby blue) and sheen. But I just don't know how I feel about something that looks like the "rough" version of a final product. I mean, I know that's the point and all. These might work best in a high-fashion city like New York or L.A. I just don't know that I could pull the baby blue off in Minneapolis. The black or gray, perhaps.

Please let me know your thoughts. Love them or hate them?


  1. They remind me of a cut gem of some sort. I like 'em! Think I'll get myself the baby blues.

  2. i love these shoes - i've had them in my favourites list for about six months and i'm trying to decide whether to buy the baby blues for my wedding shoes...

  3. LOVE THEM! They're very GaGa....but totally wearable!

  4. I think I need a pair of those...



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