GreeTEAngs Earthlings*

So right after I finished all the goodies for DIY chocolate packaging, I realized that candy is not everyone's cup of tea. In fact, someone might prefer to give the gift of an actual cup of tea. To that end I created some printable DIY teabag cozies that you can get in my etsy shop. They're so dang cute and easy to make. You just cut them out and slip in a teabag and you're done. Someone will surely love you for your calorie consciousness. :)

*I know. A cringe-worthy title. It's like I have no control of myself sometimes and am driven by an unseen force to create ridiculous post titles.


  1. I love these!! Love, love, LOVE these!

  2. Hi Rachel! Just wanted to let you know we gave you some blog love here:

    Thanks for the awesome Valentines Day eye-candy!

  3. i saw this on oh hello friend blog-- one of my fav. blogs ever! ;) congrats on all the deserved exposure



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