Eau de Implant

I really want to smell the scent of Humanity, but I've got to tell you it looks like a breast implant to me. According to what I've read, it's supposed to be the anatomical shape of a heart. Maybe this is a bad photo angle. Of course, some might argue that there's something comforting and warm about a fragrant bosom (even one with implants).

Apparently 100 percent of the proceeds are going towards building a "humanity" fountain which, again, is intended to look like an anatomical heart. Better luck with that one, perhaps!

Also notable: "Perfumed water will flow gently and calmly over the heart and cycle back; all of the mechanics for the fountain will be solar powered."

Presumably the concept is based on the the act of being humane and not the human species which, en masse, rarely smells very good. In fact, if you've been on a city bus during rush hour, you know the smell approaches something quite the opposite of humane.

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