Bonnie's Bright Bungalow*

Living Room after

Living room before

Bright, cheery and organized sewing room

Graphic pillows and a blanket dress up a futon in an office/guest bedroom

Hello kitchen, I love you

I don't typically post interior design stuff because I'm in no hurry to try to compete with Design Sponge or Apartment Therapy. But there's always room for an exception and today I'm making one. I found Bonnie's blog, Going Home to Roost, after she notified me that she featured some of my design work. I love discovering other people's blogs and digging around, which is how I found Bonnie's slew of nifty before and afters of her house. I'm just posting a few here, so please go over to her post here to see the rest. What a huge difference!

I think what really appealed to me most about this makeover is the coziness and "doability" of it. A lot of times when I see makeovers I think they're really cool but just can't see myself being able to put in the time, effort or expense. Bonnie's makeover seems so accessible. I spot several Ikea pieces and I like how she made a futon look nice. This is close to my heart because I have a crappy old futon in my office/guest room. So, there is hope futon owners!

Also, I'd like to take up permanent residence in her sewing room, and I don't even sew much. Or at all.

*I have no idea if Bonnie's house qualifies as a bungalow, but I love a little alliteration on Thursdays.

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