Steven Smith, Teamaker

I just posted a ton of fabulous images over at The Dieline that the design whizzes at Sandstrom Partners created for Steven Smith's new line of eponymous tea. Steven Smith is the guy behind Tazo tea which Starbucks bought awhile back. Sandstrom Partners did the design for that, too. (Look at the button and string closure. I love those!)

Enough about that, though. I want to tell you about the tea itself. I am a big tea drinker, as coffee just doesn't work with my system. I was so pleased that the packaging for Steven Smith's tea is as elegant and beautiful as the teas themselves. The tea sachets are as fine and lovely as the herbs and tea within. The flavors are full and aromatic and blossom in your cup with a wash of color. My favorite, so far, is the prettily fragrant Jasmine Silver Tip, a full-leaf green tea.

If you are a tea lover, I highly recommend you visit Steven Smith's very well-designed, cozy web-site.

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