Dream Company: Mint

I just posted a plethora of images from Mint, a design firm in Seattle (which is just too dang far from me) over at The Dieline, which you should go check out. I have a complete design crush on them—as in I might actually send a Valentine. I love the variety of work and the easy transitions they make from really textured, layered and patterned packaging (like the Far Coast cups and Voodoo soap) to very clean and functional (Rabbit).

When I look at some of their work, I do the Italian "Mm-wah," delicioso thing, kissing my fingertips and all. I even make a little noise. I am not Italian, and I know this does not translate well on the Internet, but I'm sure at least a few of you know what I mean.

Why so far away, Mint? Why so far away?

Happy Friday.

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