Design-y Sponges

So, unfortunately, it appears Bloglines has been ignoring my clippings, which means I can't tell you who makes the top sponge cloth (I can make out the "Lotta" but not the last name. Help!) or where I first saw it. But, I did buy a set of these Marimekko versions (there are two other cute patterns available: polka dots and cows) that I spotted today at my favorite Rochester, MN store, Counterpoint Home. *Update: Lotta Glave makes the sponges seen at top, which you can get here. And I spotted the photo over at How About Orange.

Also, they're not actually sponges, but sponge cloths. Apparently people love them. I can't wait to try mine out!


  1. I think it's from Lotta Glave?

  2. Looks like Lotta Glave to me, too, and she is a designer....

  3. you may have seen the picture at How About Orange...

  4. Yes, Anonymous, I believe that is where I spotted the top photo. Thanks!



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