Barbie by Christian Louboutin

I played with Barbies A LOT when I was little (think 8-hour stretches!). There are different sorts of Barbie players too, you know. Some like to focus on putting outfits together. Some focus on little storylines. Some cut off all their Barbies hair and let them roam Barbieville with one plastic tennis shoe on, a holey shirt and no pants (hi sis!). And then there are the types that focus on Barbie's living space. That would be me. I had a Barbie fridge that took me about 15 minutes to set up every time we played. It would inevitably get knocked over at some point and I would flip out a little at having to rearrange the mini steaks and bottles of champagne (my Barbies lived the high life). My mom will tell you this penchant for a neat Barbie fridge did not translate into adult life. And she is correct. Also, I do not particularly like pink in a home. I'd love to see some sort of study that correlates how a girl plays Barbies to what she does when she grows up.

But that is all beside the point, which is: how awesome is this "Cat Burglar Barbie" Christian Louboutin? Too sexy? Maybe. I know as a kid I would have just died over the outfit, the shoes, her hair and the miniature shoe boxes. Heck. I kind of want one right now. The packaging is fantastic. So chic. I love the button and string closure pocket on the back with the booklet inside. It's all-around top notch. Get it at Net-a-Porter.

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  1. Love this Barbie.

    I was big on Barbie as well. I think you've got a real point on how you played with your Barbie. I just wanted to dress them up and go to a party. My sister would just have us packing them for college. (Do you think she was in a rush to get out of the house?)



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