Meaty Meat-tastic Meat

Okay, clearly I could use some lessons in food photography, but I promise that if you like pulled pork or pot roast, you will go crazy for this easy recipe from The Splendid Table for Ultimate Cheater Pulled Pork. It is ridiculously easy and ridiculously delicious. Make it and people will think you're a Top Chef, or at least a BBQ master. I'm making it instead of a ham or turkey this year because there are too many variables that could potentially spell disaster with a ham or turkey. At least in my hands.

One last thing: This recipe makes a lot of servings. If there are just 2-4 of you, you will probably be just fine with a 3-4 lb slab o' meat and halve the rest of the recipe. I cooked it all in my regular sized crockpot and it worked just fine.

*I apologize to vegetarians and vegans (like my mom and sis) for this photo, which probably looks disgusting.


  1. I heart pork, so this is great. Have you seen these limited edition porky letterpress posters?



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