Goodbye Boring Holiday Updates, Hello Newsinator!

Say buh-bye (did I just date myself there?) to boring old holiday updates, say hello to the informative and visually pleasing Holiday Newsinator from the awesome creatives at Plaid. I am obsessed with this and want everyone to send one to everyone they know. It's quick, works like a charm and can be published instantly to email, Twitter, Facebook or to your printer. Fiddle with it awhile. It's a fabulous time suck.


  1. I may be in love with the Merry Newsinator. I've made three already...

  2. P.S. The encrypted word verification for my post above was "luser"...

    As in "You've made three Merry Newsinators? Geez, Kristin, you're such a 'luser'!"

    (I thought it was so strikingly perfect that it warranted a second comment.)

  3. thanks for this - what a gr8 concept! ;]

  4. OMG! I love this! This is the Best.Idea.Ever. I only wish I had come up with it!



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