Yellow Demon

I have to tell you something you might not like, something that might be considered uncouth, unfortunate or even, perhaps, embarassing. I never liked Kate Spade. I thought the designs were a total snorefest and completely ridiculous looking on the arms of all the millionaire 19 year old sorority girls at SMU (where I made the mistake of trying to fit in for a year and a half) when KS first became popular almost a decade ago.

Also, I couldn't afford any of it.

Something happened yesterday that both delighted and pissed me off: I came across the Maryanne leather handbags by Kate Spade and fell in love with the Chartreuse and Tutti Fruitti colors. If you know me, you know that chartreuse is my favorite color and, like a moth to a flame, if I spot anything chartreuse in any kind of store that item is most likely coming home with me. Even if that item is a toilet brush.

Then I looked at the rest of the site and spotted a few other items I thought were pretty neat. I realized that KS might have some merit as a designer and that perhaps it was my own bitterness toward sorority girls at SMU that caused an unwarranted, full force aversion to KS. Sorry KS.

Maybe. I still can't afford any of it, though.


  1. haha dont wory! we all have the same feeling towards something, at least once in our lifes!

    I like her designs (tho i just heard of her...), but feel happy, cos in Argentina, where im from, almost ALL the handbags r that pricy... and they're not that cute! haha

  2. This just totally made me laugh! I have to admit I absolutely adore KS... she is the only designer I really really like... but this was just so funny to me... and I at one point and time didn't think I would ever afford one of her products... and trust me I still cannot afford the majority of her stuff... but I do have to admit I know own 2... I promised myself 1 when I got finished with Grad school... and the other I just bought when I got a real job... but it was only because I found it on like super sale at TJ Max... that bag is great... but I wish they made it in White... because it might be a MUST HAVE... Hope you buy it... KS is great... blaming stuff on sorority girls is always the way to go! LOL!

  3. Holly,

    Don't keel over, but they have the bag in white (, and it is beautimous, too!

    Also, for full-disclosure purposes, I must come clean and admit I was a sorority girl. And active until I switched schools. I did not carry a cute purse to classes, though, like many of the other girls. Just a backpack. I think the bitterness started there, with the heavy, dingy backpack. :)

  4. it happens...we see something we don't like, but we change our minds later.



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