Roundup: Hygge & West

I first met Aimee, one of the founding partners of delicious design emporium Hygge & West when I was an intern and she an account manager at Capsule in Minneapolis. I can definitely attest to her personal style, and can now attest to her impeccable taste in all manner of objects.

Aimee is the sort of person that can wear many hats, so to speak, and every single one works on her. Before acting as an account manager at Capsule, she was a lawyer and is now embarking upon a new career by taking her fist classes in design (according to Hygge & West's blog). I imagine next she might conquer medicine and come up with a cure for cancer!

I thought it high time to do a little roundup of all the cool objects over on the site. Their wallpaper is most often seen in the design magazines, book and blogs, but I love the other treasures like the Casalinga birds and jewelry knobs. I picked some of my favorite items in the top image, all of which are currently available.

Also, how cool are the chest of drawers redo and keyholder created by a customer using Hygge & West's wallpaper (which you can buy BY THE YARD)! They put projects like that on their blog Picnics Under the Moon often, so check it out.

Here's a little more about *Hygge & West (from their site):

"In their daily conversations, Christiana and Aimee often found themselves discussing ways to live more simply. Both believe in being more appreciative of small joys and living in the moment. As fate would have it, they stumbled upon the Danish word hygge just as they began to discuss a way to share this concept with others. They love the way that it simply yet profoundly captured what they were trying to achieve in their own lives.

While hygge manifests itself differently for each person, it is ultimately about living better. By collaborating with artists and discovering new ways of joyful living, Christiana and Aimee hope that Hygge & West will inspire you to create more hygge in your own life."

* I briefly considered titling this post Hyggledy Piggledy, and decided against it for many reasons, but mostly because I thought even my mother might cringe at such a pun. Also, I'm probably not pronouncing it correctly anyway.

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