Roundup: Good Stuff

Just a quick post of some finds during my weekend traipse through my favorite blogs.

Over at Cool Hunting, there was a feature on Valerie Leonard's amazing dog portraits.

They also featured these awesome purifying Chikutan swizzle sticks from Sort of Coal:

"This White Charcoal is made from Japanese bamboo. White charcoal is naturally activated by a controlled burning process based on traditional Japanese methods. Use it to stir your beverages and the charcoal will absorb impurities in alcohol or tea for a pure taste. Chikutan sticks are popular in high-end Japanese bars. Before use, scald with boiling water. The Chikutan stick is fragile and should be handled like porcelain."

I love, love, love this dress from Ann Taylor. It's my favorite color of blue, and the fabric looks so luxe.

This is a cool S'mores Kit from Cosi. (No photo)

Fun trays from ibride. Get them here. (Rediscovered over at Love. Obsess. Inspire.)

That's all for now. Happy Monday!

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